Online Flash Cards

  • Flash Card Machine- online "Flash Cards" Welcome to Flashcard Machine — a free service for creating interactive web-based study flashcards that can be shared with others. With over 34.9 million flash cards created to-date, Flashcard Machine is your premier online study tool. Students - Create flash cards to help you study for your next exam. Share them with either your classmates or the entire community. Teachers - Create flash cards for your students. Build customized pages for each of your classes to better organize your cards.
  • Flash Card Exchange- online "Flash Cards" Numerous subject and grade-specific cards available to review online, download, print, or customize. Also includes educational links and services.
  • Flash Card Musical Chairs - Help your children learn and burn off some energy by playing Flash Card Musical Chairs. ... musical chairs I start the music and the kids run around the chairs.
  • Funnelbrain - online "Flash Cards" - FunnelBrain is a collection of academic questions and answers that are created, edited and organized by its users. To get started, click "Create Flashcards" to add questions or select "Study Teams" to collaborate with your classmates.
  • Proprofs Flash Cards - online "Flash Cards"The Leading Online Quiz Maker- Over 100,000 quizzes created. Over 1,000,000 quiz takers. Employee & Customer Training, Online Tests, Exams & Quizzes, Custom Quiz Scoring & Grading
  • Quizlet - online "Flash Cards" - Create flashcard sets with your own terms and definitions or choose from millions of flashcard sets created by other users. We are also the largest and fastest growing flash card site since 2005.
  • Study Blue - A great site for making flashcards and notes. Also, with its newly designed mobile app it makes studying a treat, with the ability to study anywhere or anytime.
  • Study Shuffle - A wonderful site for creating flashcards that allows for student tracking.
  • Study Stacks - online "Flash Cards" study stacks thrives to help people learn what they want to learn. The StudyStackTM concept was designed to help people memorize information about various subjects. Using the StudyStack web site, you use your computer to display a stack of "virtual cards" which contain information about a certain subject. Just like flashcards, you can review the information at your own pace discarding the cards you've learned and keeping the ones you still need to review. However, unlike traditional flash cards, each card can show multiple pieces of information; and the whole stack can be automatically sorted by any one of the pieces of information. Also, when you enter the data for a studystack, the same data can automatically be displayed as flashcards, a matching game, a word search puzzle, and a hangman game. You can also export the data to your cellphone or PDA so you can review it when you are away from the computer. Click on one of the categories below to display a list of existing studystacks.