What is Formative Assessment?

Because learning takes place in a students' head a teacher must figure out a way knowing when the student has received and understands the concept being taught.

In terms of teaching, a formative assessment is an evaluation of what the student comprehends about the lesson. These types of assessments are not used in the grade point average of the student, but rather as a "checkpoint" or "spot-check" and indicator to the teacher about the students' understanding.

Types of formative assessment can include informal observation, worksheets, questioning, discussions, quizzes, journals and other tests that enable the teacher to assess how students are performing and how well the particular lesson plan is working. In fact, some teachers like to use formative evaluation as a prompt to design courses of instruction. Read more: http://www.ehow.com/about_5419008_types-formative-assessment.html

WHY use Formative Assessment?

Educators use formative assessments to monitor and update classroom instruction. When incorporated into classroom practice, the formative assessment process provides information needed to adjust teaching and learning while they are still happening. The process serves as practice for the student and a check for understanding during the learning process. The formative assessment process guides teachers in making decisions about future instruction.

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