Other Teacher Resources (Lesson Databases, Citation Builders, Rubric Creators)

Puzzle Makers

  • **ArmoredPenguin.com**The Crossword puzzle maker is used to make simple crossword puzzles. It
  • turns out that good crossword puzzles of the type found in newspapers are fairly hard
  • **Crossword Puzzle Games** Enter up to 20 words and hints (clues) below to create your own puzzles. ... Samples made with this free online puzzle maker
  • **Discovery Education's Puzzlemaker**: allows teachers, students, and parents to create online crossword puzzles for use in the classroom.
  • **EdHelper.com** · Build a Crossword (PDF File) · Puzzles · Load a Saved Word List, Make Crossword Puzzles Crossword Puzzle Maker ...
  • **Puzzle**-**maker**.com - Free puzzle maker--make crossword and word search puzzles instantly online! ... Free Puzzle Maker: Choose your puzzle type: Word Search Puzzle ·
  • Wordsearch Maker – create word searches that include Wordlist support.

Citation Builders

Lesson Databases

  • Actively Learn - https://read.activelylearn.com/#teacher/gettingstarted
  • Has thousands of free books, textbooks, current events, short stories, and poems. There are embed questions, notes, and media directly into an assignment for whole class self-paced interactive and collaborative reading. Teacher Resources page gives teachers a starting place.
  • Annenberg Learner contains teacher resources and professional development across the curriculum including lesson plans, online courses, interactives, news and blogs.
  • Aha!Math - http://www.learning.com/ahamath/index.htm Helping teachers create successful math learners Aha!Math is a Web-delivered supplemental math curriculum for grades K-5. With research-based instructional models and content, Aha!Math helps improve students’ foundational math skills while developing their higher-level problem-solving and reasoning skills.
  • Adaptive Curriculum brings math to life for middle school students Energize your middle school students to engage in math with Adaptive Curriculum, a Web-delivered supplemental math curriculum for grades 6-8.
  • Edueto a site used is to create original online exercises for students who complete them in and outside of the classroom. It can be done with or without registration; therefore, it can be anonymous.
  • EdPuzzleis a site for which allows teachers to crop online videos, do voice-overs, audio comments, and embed questions within the video for what the teacher needs for the lesson. Teachers get data on learning from the embedded quizzes on Ed
  • Educannon - allows teachers create and share interactive video content from videos on YouTube, Vimeo, or TeacherTube (screencasts, Khan Academy, Minute Physics, TED, NOVA, etc.). Questions are added to the videos which engages the students and gives an assessment of learning.
  • EduHound Lesson Plans contains thousands of free lessons that meet state and national standards.EduHound Site Sets are collections of topic-based online education resources.
  • Learning.com is the premier provider of Web-delivered curriculum and assessment, partners with schools across the United States to improve student learning outcomes. Our solutions transform learning experiences through our understanding of the art and science of Web-based teaching and learning.
  • Teach-nology - provides free and easy to use resources for teachers dedicated to improving the education of today's generation of students. Including Lesson Plans, Rubrics, Games, Worksheets, Teaching Tips.
  • Teacher’s Domain - an extensive library of free digital media resources produced by public television, designed for classroom use and professional development.http://www.teachersdomain.org
  • Thinkfinity - thinkfinity.orgIf you’re looking for the Thinkfinity platform, you’re in the right place. While Thinkfinity no longer offers a community or partner content, we are still working …Puzzle’s dashboard and it can be easily exported as a .csv file and incorporated into other grade- and course-management systems. The site is a community of teachers who share their creations for collaboration. Content is for 6-12th grade
  • The Files Page lists free educational software from many sources which has proved useful to teachers and parents of special needs students.
  • The Links Page lists websites which have been carefully selected for the quality of their information or because they provide further excellent sources of cost-free learning resources and software.
  • The Printables Page has a selection of printable worksheets, handouts and teaching aids most of which can be customized to suit a range of learners.
  • SEN Teacher provides cost-free teaching & learning resources for students with special needs and learning disabilities.
  • ReadWriteThink: Student Materials - Listing of flash games and activities for literacy Writing Geography Science Projects Science Lesson Plans and Thematic units.
  • ibiblio! Home to one of the largest free information databases online, ibiblio.org has something for everyone. Visitors can browse through our eclectic **collections catalog** and contributors can **host and share** their unique collections with millions worldwide.

Other Resources