Photo Editing

The skill of being able to edit a photo is a must for anyone fluent in technology. It can help speed up the process of uploading photos for a project, correcting mistakes, and even help "spice" up the mundane. While newer computers might come with a photo editing app (iPhoto, Preview, etc.), not all of them do. Some sites are better than others. Additionally there are many Chrome Extensions that contain photo editing and do a great job!
Photo Collage
Photo Collage

  1. Aviary - Aviary is one of the best online suites on the web for doing lots of multimedia things, one being editing photos. Not only does it have an educational portal, but it has browser extensions, and a very nice user interface.
  2. Citrify - An excellent free online photo editor with lots of options to choose from such as touch-ups, effects, etc.
  3. Cloud Canvas - Another great website for editing photos that allows users to draw, crop, and paint.
  4. Fix Picture - A nice site for converting, resizing, or rotating an image.
  5. iPiccy - A great site for uploading a photo and then editing it with a bunch of tools such as text, drawing, or paint.
  6. Imageoid - A site that is similar to iPiccy for adding effects to an image.
  7. Phixr - An easy site to use to upload a photo from a computer or social networking site and then edit by adding images or text.
  8. Picjuice - A site similar to Fix Picture where a user can crop, resize, rotate, or adjust a photo.
  9. QueeklyPaint - is an Photoshopesque online platform for people who like to draw and work with online art. you can create animated drawings using QueekyPaint. watch how others draw with queeky gallery, collaborate with other artists in real time using MultiDraw, and embed your animated drawings in your blog or website using the Queeky Art Player.
  10. Sumo Paint - One of the most popular and oldest online photo editors around. Sumo Paint has lots of nice tools for editing a photo such as brush, shapes, and crop, and looks a lot like PhotoShop.
  11. Splashup - A great site, similar to Sumo Paint, that allows users to edit photos and adjust pixels and layers as well.

Excerpts from David Kapuler

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For access to more photo and image manipulation tools see the link for 125 Creative and Useful Imaging Websites.