Photo Story in the Classroom

Here is a great handout by Dave Jakes with step by step instructions. Right click and select "save target as" to save it to your computer. If it will not open, you may need to install Adobe Reader to open this files.external image pdf.png photostory3 handout.pdf

Here is a link to a page with video tutorials (scroll about halfway down)
This is another great tutorial site. It has an especially good introduction to "photo movies" done with Photo Story.

This site has some great examples of what you can do with Photo Story in class projects.

We also talked about places to get pictures online. Here are a few photo sharing sites.

Here are some places to find music that can be used in your presentations.
Podsafe audio - - Music that can be freely used in your podcasts. There are no restrictions on the types of music here, so you may want to supervise students when they use it, or download a selection and let students choose.
Freeplay Music - – royalty free music, but not for podcasts or any other broadcast. Use this for projects that will only be listened to in class.

Installing Photo Story

First, you must have at least Media Player version 10. Most computers in our system don't have this. Go to this link to download the latest version.
Once you have it, install Media player and then you will need to download Photo Story here

external image generic photostory rubric.xls
- Here's a generic rubric for assessing Photo Story presentations. Feel free to use it in your classrooms. (right click on the icon and select save target as . . . to save it to your computer or flash drive.

external image pdf.png photstory post-assessment.pdf