SMARTBoard Lessons for Science

This entire webpage contains already made SmartBoard lessons. Don't reinvent the wheel...start with these. Just click on the link above.

Virtual Experiments

From Reading University site provides simulations of many standard school science experiments which can be carried out on your interactive whiteboard. Some of the experiments available include: Photosynthesis with Elodea, Transpiration,

PowerPoint for Science by Content

Searching for science powerpoints? This page contains already made PowerPoints. These PowerPoints were collected from many various sites including BlackBoard.

TAKS Blitz

TAKs based lessons in PowerPoint to review and "Blitz" the students as a review for Science TAKS.

Science Web Links This section gives websites with real-time data to be used in Science.

Science Behind the News -

__PBS Learning Media__
__Smithsonian Learning Lab__
__Interactive Sites for Education__

Periodic Table of Video

Ptable - Wonderful interactive periodic table. This tables displays all the elements and links them to Wikipedia, which makes it handy for studying.

Stellarium is a free GPL software which renders realistic skies in real time with OpenGL. With Stellarium, you really see what you can see with your eyes, binoculars or a small telescope. Stellarium is also used in real planetariums

Resources from NTSA

This site is designed to provide high school and middle school science teachers access to the materials and resources that I have collected during my 37 years of teaching in the field. Some of the materials are of my own design, but many are those I have borrowed from others and refined for my own use. They include:
  • Activities and worksheets
  • Laboratory exercises
  • Links to useful pages
  • Puzzles, games, and songs
  • Online test reviews by topic

Educational Resources in ScienceThe primary focus of the Community Learning Network (CLN) is to help K-12 teachers integrate Information Technology into their classrooms.

Science Resources The National Science Teacher Association web site hosts a wealth of additional science education resources, including Science and Our Food Supply, etc..

The Ultimate Science Fair Project ResourceDr. Shawn's tail-kicking science projects, complete science fair project guide, essential secrets of science fair success, awesome science project resource

Center for Improved Engineering &Science Education Projects
  1. Collaborative Projects
  2. Projects Using Primary Sources and Archived Collections
  3. Real time Data Projects

Celestia (free download) (For any teacher who is teaching space science or the solar system and wants to engage kids)

Cosmosphere Learning Network A great community to share lesson ideas and science resources.

Solar System Simulator Show the movements of the bodies of the solar system.

Science Passages for Reading Comprehension
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