Social Networking - TCEA 2013 Presentation

Social Networks, School, and You: How Does it all Fit?

Bridget Robinson, Susan Carpenter, Amanda Psarovarkas, Doris Herrmann, Clear Creek ISD, and Daniel O’Kilen, Alief ISD

Where do teachers and schools fit in social networks? What kind of social networking is appropriate? How can teachers and schools communicate in the 21st Century, yet keep everyone happy? What is the best social network? What is appropriate and what isn’t? Join the panel of administrators, teachers, and technology reps to discuss issues and best practices.

  • CoSketch is another whiteboard that you can collaborate to visualize your ideas and share them as images. The good thing is that, you don't have to register or install anything. It works in all browsers, it's real time and you can get an embed code for your drawing after you finish.·
  • DabbleBoard is a whiteboard that enables you to visualize, explore and collaborate. You draw as you are drawing on a whiteboard and you can easily share your ideas. It also lets you conduct presentation and chat though you can’t share files.
  • DoingText is a web based text editor for collaborative writing. You tell others the URL and they write comments, make changes without signing up. It lets you track changes and comments by RSS feed, export text by embedding in other pages. You can go back to the previous version of every line or you can see an overview of the discussion history. ·
  • MeBeam is a place where you can create your chat room. You just type the name of the room and tell the people to meet you there.
  • lets you create your own social network. There are different modules and you can use as many as you want. Create your forum, mailing list, share documents, files and your agenda to organize events, have your own YouTube, share links, bookmarks, photos. You can have real time chat, you can let the users have subgroups, and it's free.
  • Stixy lets you create online bulletin board to collaborate with family, friends, colleagues. You can share pictures, files, reminders, notes using different widgets that you can change size and colors. It is fun, free, easy and colorful. Stixy deserves a try!!·
  • PalBee is a free online service that allows you to set up online video meetings with your friends or colleagues. You also have a whiteboard and it lets you draw, write texts, highlight or erase using different tools.
  • Ning is the one of the best sites to create and join new social networks. You can upload pictures, photos, feeds, bookmarks and much more. ·
  • GroupTweet is great if you are using Twitter already. It lets you create your Twitter account into a group communication tool where everyone in the group uses direct messages. When a member gets a DM, GroupTweet turns it into a new tweet that all followers in the group can see.
  • Todaysmeet - is an online live stream where students can have the “backroom” chat they normally do but in an online environment. They can ask each other questions, give feedback and make comments only with this tool it is set up by the teacher.·
  • Phuser is a tool for groups to discuss or work together and privately. You can share photos, files, choose who joins, create and track discussions. ·
  • SpringNote is an online notebook for collaboration. You can write down your ideas, create to-do lists, do scheduling and work together for projects. It also has an iphone application. ·
  • WeToku is an interview tool that automatically records it to play it back. You can embed it and share it with others. You can watch my WeToku interview with Ana Maria Menesez. ·
  • Wiggio is an online toolkit that lets you work in groups easily. You can send emails, text messages, voice mails. It makes it easy to share files and polls. You can set video conferences and also keep shared calendar, keep track of group’s tasks and resources.·
  • WikiDot is wiki builder to share content, documents and collaborate with your students, colleagues, and friends. You can create pages, forums, separate wikis for groups or students, discuss topics, upload files, documents, notes, images and share them with others. ·