Top 10 Web Picks

Top For All: Paid or FREE

  2. Learning designed these free resources to provide teachers with high-quality resources online, so you can spend less time searching and more time doing what you do best -- helping your students! Let us know what else you would like to see here.
  3. SEN Teacher provides cost-free teaching & learning resources for students with special needs and learning disabilities
  4. Thousands of Free Lesson Plans in Math Social Studies Art Language Arts Music Physical Education Reading Writing Geography Science Projects Science Lesson Plans and Thematic units.
  5. - an extensive library of free digital media resources produced by public television, designed for classroom use and professional development.
  6. EduHound Lesson Plans feature thousands of free lessons that meet state and national standards.
  7. Super Teacher Tools In the site, you will find a variety of review games, classroom management software, and other miscellaneous tools for educators.
  8. 4Teachers - Sponsored by the High Plains Regional Technology in Education Consortium (HPR*TEC) this site offers some great free tools and resources to help you in the class.
  9. Scholastic For Teachers, these online materials used to be hidden behind a subscription but now is available for everyone
  10. Kathy Schrock’s Guide for EducatorsThis is a very large and comprehensive directory of web sites for educators maintained by Kathy Schrock, the head of the Technology Department for a school district in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Even better than this collection, however, is the Additional Information section. Here you’ll find links to materials about using the Internet in the classroom. Updated daily, this is an excellent place to explore frequently.

Top Primary Grades: FREE

  3. America’s LibraryThis is much of the material from the Library of Congress site repackaged in a format just for young children. The front page spotlights special exhibits and allows kids to explore information about famous Americans, the states, and the arts. Make the Jump Back in Time section a daily stop to see what happened on that date in the past or to explore a specific era in history. A great site for research or just for exploring.
  4. Animals – Myths and LegendsHere is an interesting site designed for children 8 to 13 years old which presents myths and legends involving animals from all over the world. Children are invited to submit stories from their own country or region. Check in the Fun Stuff section for activities your students can use along with links to a few other sites with appropriate activities. The site has a simple structure with good materials and nice use of graphics. Part of the Planet Oz Kids site which features lots of activities for kids but from an Australian point of view.
  5. FirstGov for Kids Information about the US federal government that an elementary student can understand is difficult to find. So this site, maintained by the Federal Consumer Information Center (the folks in Pueblo, Colorado), pulls together the best government sites along with other outside sites that feature information about the government There is even a homework helper section.
  6. KidLink is an unusual site with the purpose of helping “children collaborate with peers around the world”. Owned by a non-profit Norwegian group and supported by the World Bank, the site acts as a clearinghouse for communications projects between students in many countries around the world. Another major goal is to develop links between teachers both to connect classes and to help teachers learn from each other. There is also an archive of past projects available to give you ideas.
  7. Kids’ SpaceThis site just seems to get better and better every year (it’s been around since 1995) and is still a lot of fun for younger children. Highlights of this extensive site are the Kids’ Gallery, where kids from all over the world post their art work, and Story Book, where kids can read original stories, also written by kids. Another section, Kid’s Space Connection, allows students to find key pals, ask questions, post site reviews and more communication activities designed for younger kids. All in all, an excellent resource.
  8. National Geographic for KidsAn off-shoot of the print magazine of the same name, this site offers some of the great National Geographic materials repackaged for elementary students. The Stories section offers a new article with video each month and past articles can be found in the archives section. Games and Try This! offer activities for kids to try which can also be used in the classroom. Finally, check into the Kids News section for a weekly story about animals, history or geography
  9. StoryPlaceIt’s hard to find good material to use with young children online but that’s what you’ll find at StoryPlace. Created by the Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, this site for students in preschool through grade 2 features animated stories, interactive activities, off-line activities and suggestions for parents to extend the concepts in the online materials. Everything is available in both English and Spanish, is organized by topics, and the entire site has a refreshingly simply (and totally ad free) layout.
  10. Time for KidsA companion site for the print version of the magazine of the same name, this site offers current events written for elementary students. The news section includes one or two news stories each week, many written by elementary-aged students themselves. The Teacher and Parent sections offer suggestions on how to use the materials, although the teacher pages have more advertising that I would like. The site also has a section of materials (which parallels the magazine and the site to a lesser extent) that can be reproduced for use in class.
  11. Kindergarten Connection An impressive collection of materials for teaching in the primary grades and pre-school (not just kindergarten). The lesson plan sections are updated weekly and there are sections on classroom crafts, teacher tips and ideas for games. There is a small list of links to web sites for children and to other sites for primary teachers.

Top High School: FREE
  1. Xtranormal - text-to-speech avatar movie making - great for any content
  2. NumberNut Virtual math text book. Has interactive flash activities for various topics.
  3. Ibiblio! Home to one of the largest free information databases online, has something for everyone. Visitors can browse through our eclectic **collections catalog** and contributors can **host and share**their unique collections with millions worldwide.
  5. //Tagxedo// - Word Cloud with Styles - Tagxedo turns words - famous speeches, news articles, slogans and themes, even your love letters - into a visually stunning word cloud.

Top Presentation: FREE
  1. - is a web application that produces videos from user-selected photos, video clips and music.
  2. With VoiceThread, group conversations are collected and shared in one place from anywhere in the world. All with no software to install.
  3. Google Docs
  4. - Do fun stuff with your digital photos. Create motivational posters, movie posters, magazine covers, badges, mosaics, collages, calendars, frames, and a lot ..
  5. - Simply put, Glog is a kind of poster - fully designed by yourself! Glog is a fancy creation from text, images, music and video. No matter if it is colorful, sexy or emo. Your Glog will stand out. It gives you a perfect tool to express yourself. (make sure you are using instead of
  6. Prezi A zooming web based presentation tool which is non-linear. The “Prezi” can be incorporated into your LMS or website.
  7. galleries of pictures to use to create a short story
  8. animation website