Below are 5 categories for Web 2.0 and EACH contains a page of Web 2.0 Tools for teachers and students to use.
The information on this site is being updated and is just the beginning of the information on Web 2.0 and tools for teachers. It is a working document but thought I would post b/c I’ve had requests from others for the information. I have 110’s of other sites to add and organize. So keep looking and post your own favorites.

Web 2.0 Categories:

  • Imaging Websites - this is a Google spreadsheet where you can sort for various types of imaging tools.
  • Learning Tools - (tools allows users to create documents, presentations, simulations, video animation & avatar creators, content classes, etc.)
  • Audio - various types of audio resources
  • Avatars - create online avatars
  • Collaboration - (Wikis and other sites where people can collaborate via authoring, video, etc.)
  • Comic Creators - various resources for creating comics
  • Graphics Organizers - get organized
  • Flash Card Makers - various flash card makers which allow for embedding into sites.
  • Polling Tools - resources to poll students and staff
  • Presentation Tools - from Prezi to other alternatives to PowerPoint, you'll find it here)
  • Content Sharing - (audio, music, presentations, video, photos/images, artifacts)
  • Organizers - (to-do lists, note-taking, assignments, news, desktops, index cards, social bookmarks, calendars)
  • Quiz Creators - generate quizzes and have them graded automatically
  • Other Teacher Resources - (Lesson Databases, Citation creators, Rubric creators)
  • Photo Editing / Sharing - (Links to top photo editing and photo sharing sites.)
  • Video

Other Web 2.0 Directories of Tools:

Special thanks to Sooz Williams, Sue Witt, Jeri Veile, Kim Boutwell, Daniel O'Kilen and all the others who SHARE.Also thanks to all the wonderful presenters at TCEA and other shows who have given me ideas.